Every step is a step ahead
Rhenoflex reinvents itself.

Rhenoflex steps into the future. The market leader in reinforcement components for the shoe and lifestyle market is morphing from product supplier to fully fledged solution provider. A new campaign with the core message "SOLUTIONS. MADE OF NEXT." underscores this positioning and stages it in a spectacularly futuristic style.  

Standing still is stepping back. The company from Ludwigshafen has always been renowned for its innovative power, be it in developing new sustainable products and contents or tapping new markets and services. Now it is taking a significant step into the future. Against the background of a strongly fragmented market and many generic providers, Rhenoflex has hitherto set itself apart with an unique approach as the world's leading solution provider of reinforcement material in the shoe and lifestyle market.

It is an expert in all aspects of the use of reinforcement materials in the design and production process, and is thus development and innovation partner to well-known shoe manufacturers around the globe. The company involves itself in design and production processes at an early stage to make them even leaner, more flexible and efficient. Relationships begun on a purely supplier basis become long-term strategic partnerships. This trend is shaped by the holistic Rhenoflex principle of developing customised solutions, which are distinguished by first-class service and outstanding quality.

This key promise of performance is focused on five pillars: innovation, dynamism, quality, cooperation and sustainability.

The new campaign, developed by Mannheim advertising agency, Schaller & Partner, underpins this positioning. The overarching slogan "SOLUTIONS. MADE OF NEXT“ is used to stage the individual brand pillars of the company in an innovative and impressive manner: as powerful elements infusing shoe and lifestyle products and realising their full potential.

Aside from many print and digital visuals, the campaign includes an image film and a new website. They will be rolled out in the upcoming months in international trade media, on the relevant career portals and at trade fairs and congresses.

Julia Rosinow
Communication Manager
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