Rhenoflex Management System Policy

Rhenoflex GmbH is focusing on sustainable growth, social responsibility and on generating profits. At our various locations we make products which are safe and environment-friendly and live up to highest quality standards. The continuous improvement of our products and processes is both our obligation and the basis for safeguarding the environment, the future of our company and its jobs. 

Our integrated management system is based on the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001. We undertake to comply with the applicable legal rules and regulations and to continuously improve our management systems for quality assurance, environmental protection, occupational safety and energy management, as weil as our performance in these fields. These are the fundamental values on which our responsible way of acting and our business relations are based. 

We assume our responsibility as entrepreneurs in the interest of our employees, our customers, the environment and society in general and we act according to principles of due diligence. 

Occupational safety and aspects of preventive health care are considered in the design of workplaces and the development of production processes to avoid work-related injuries or illnesses. Through regular communication, we increase the awareness of our employees and service providers for safe work. 

Our employees are offered training and retraining measures so that their qualification can be safeguarded and to allow them to identify with the company goals and the responsible handling of resources. The management is in constant dialogue with the employees and the works council. 

Our market-oriented research and product development is the firm foundation for innovation and diversification of our product range with the ultimate objective of continuously increasing customer satisfaction. Scientific findings and technical innovation make sure that our plants are operating in an environmentally compatible way. 

As we use the appropriate, state-of-the-art means in our production we are in position to use resources in an economical and considerate way, to reduce our footprint, to make our products with very low emissions, to store substances safely, and to reduce, recycle or dispose of all by-products and waste resulting from our production in an environmentally compatible manner. In the process of designing, planning and procuring new systems, energy and resource efficiency are always taken into account. 

We take great care in selecting the suppliers with whom we cooperate so that we can make sure that quality-compliant raw materials and supplies are used. 

The company management provides the necessary resources and information for measures of quality assurance, preventive health care, occupational safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency improvement. 

Our strategic and operative goals are planned on an annual basis in the framework of our management system policy and we subsequently verify their implementation and effectiveness in order to assess the degree of achievement as weit as the improvement of our integrated.

Ludwigshafen, 15. March 2021.
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