Sustainability at a glance
The new Rhenoflex Eco-Level

To be fit for a vibrant future, all product and process development should result in one value: sustainability. At Rhenoflex, the mindful use of resources has been one of the most important corporate values from the very beginning. This pioneering spirit is now coming alive with another persuasive innovation. A specially developed ECO-Level indicates the sustainability factor of resource-serving Rhenoflex products.

At Rhenoflex, we know that the earth's resources are not inexhaustible. But that never means that innovations must be restricted. They can almost be driven by. With our unique RhenoprintTM process and the use of materials made from renewable and recycled materials, we have already proven how sustainable a production process can be - without having to make any compromises in terms of quality.

To make our sustainability concept even more transparent for our customers, we are pleased to introduce our specially developed ECO-Level. At a glance, the symbol provides information about the sustainability factor of the product at hand. The sustainability factor of the products used is displayed by a simple system that categorizes the following materials:
Polymer = biopolymer I Filler = renewable raw materials I Recycling = recycled raw materials.
Leaf symbols further show the degree of sustainability of these contents: One leaf: 0-30 %; Two leaves: 30-60 %; Three leaves: 60-100 %.

This icon can be found with immediate effect on the Rhenoflex data sheets of our sustainable products, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Shoe Engineer.

“We are pleased to use this classification to contribute to more transparency in the use of materials for our customers and that we could make the information about our sustainable processes even more accessible.”, CTO Gunter Scharfenberger.

To us, quality means taking responsibility - for our customers and the environment.

Julia Rosinow
Communication Manager
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