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The first Rhenoflex Roadshow inspires in Asia

Turning Rhenoflex into a vivid experience was the driving force behind the first Rhenoflex Roadshow that took place in Asia at the beginning of November. Along with a keynote lecture by our CTO Dr. Gunter Scharfenberger, the participants were invited to experience the RhenoprintTM technology and the values of Rhenoflex in a lively setting.

At Rhenoflex, quality is more than just a word: it is a responsibility that forms the foundation of our decades of work. At the kick-off event for the Rhenoflex roadshows in Asia at the beginning of November, we invited our audience to discover that this foundation is not rigid and immobile, but always on the move.

This first roadshow in Dongguan, China, was attended by 69 participants, including representatives of well-known brands and shoe factories. They could experience the range of Rhenoflex services and our latest innovations first-hand.

A dynamic introduction to the Rhenoflex world marked the beginning of the event. Where do we come from? What is our approach? How do we enter into an individual dialogue with you as our customers? And how can we enable you to achieve your best? Of course, the guests received an answer to all these questions. And more than that: the keynote lecture by Dr. Gunter Scharfenberger, CTO, also focused on the latest innovations such as the RhenoprintTM process or the automatic cutting and skiving hub. Marketplaces set up on-site for this event made all these topics accessible and understandable for the participants.

Final highlight: the audience experienced how Rhenoflex unites sustainability and innovations during an exclusive insight into our production facility. Throughout this guided tour, the colleagues on site provided an exciting inside view of our production processes, highquality and technology standards and the LEAN approach we live by.

The response to this pilot roadshow was overwhelming. We are not only grateful to the team on-site for their motivated commitment but also look forward to making the upcoming Rhenoflex Roadshows a success as well!

Julia Rosinow
Communication Manager
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