Innovations that are making the news: Rhenoflex in the South China Morning Post

“We see China as important from all directions,” states CEO Frank Böttcher in his interview with the South China Morning Post as part of the 2019 Germany Business Report.

With more than 68 million page impressions per month, the independent and uncensored SCMP is the leading English-language news magazine in Asia, and reaches executives, decision-makers, and intellectuals in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, among others.

SCMP invited Frank Böttcher to discuss the benefits of the unique Rhenoprint process as part of the 2019 Germany Business Report. This innovative procedure comprehensively responds to customer wishes throughout the production process. The special feature of this process is the manufacturing method, which runs completely waste-free and without any punching or skiving. The result: reinforcing materials that are resource-conserving and ready for immediate use.

The new Rhenoflex sales team in China will further promote the development of this environmentally friendly, waste-free Rhenoprint technology. "From the raw materials aspect and from Chinese domestic brands, we see a necessity to have a stronger position there”, says Böttcher.

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