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Andreas Sauer is responsible for personnel management as the new Global Head of HR

"With Andreas Sauer, we welcome an experienced, empathetic and dedicated manager, who will face the challenges of our global HR department and sustainably transfer them to the future," says CEO Frank Böttcher in welcoming the new management member. "His key tasks will encompass the development of a global, strategic and efficient personnel management and the sustainable implementation of a modern and global HR organization."

It has always been true that a company is only as good as its employees. In order to meet our aspirations for quality, innovation and dynamism, we place special emphasis on the three "E"s when choosing our employees – experience, empathy and engagement. This also extends to personnel management that embodies precisely these values and ensures that they are sustainably practiced in the company.

In Andreas Sauer, we have gained a manager who has internalized these very values. He brings over 25 years of global HR experience, which he has gathered in multiple family businesses predominantly in production.

His main task is the establishment of global, strategic and efficient personnel management (personnel support, development, marketing and administration), as well as the sustainable implementation of a modern and global HR organization. Through targeted recruiting, Mr. Sauer will ensure the long-term human resources at all locations of the Rhenoflex Group, and through selected employee development, he will make sure that, taking into account the individual potential of employees, they can successfully master the current and future requirements of our customers and the Rhenoflex strategy.

The entire Rhenoflex team warmly welcomes Mr. Sauer. We look forward to our collaboration and working together to make Rhenoflex an even more attractive, modern employer for tailor-made solutions for the shoe and lifestyle market.

Julia Rosinow
Communication Manager
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