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Rhenoflex sets new standards on their Sustainability approach

Trailblazers break new ground and actively shape our future. That's why Rhenoflex is focusing on one of the biggest trends of our time: veganism.
The footwear industry is responding to this trend with a growing number of vegan footwear offerings. As the world's leading solution provider for reinforcement materials, Rhenoflex supports this concept. Creating our own awareness for developing trends such as veganism is part of our holistic approach. Consequently, we are now implementing a corresponding expansion of our product lines.
Plastics require special attention along this path. Where have additives, plasticizers or cleaning agents been deployed that are incompatible with a vegan lifestyle? We at Rhenoflex posed these questions openly and attentively in discussions with suppliers and upstream producers. The result: We have already been able to classify a whole range of Rhenoflex products as vegan. In addition, our colleagues in the production and development department have set themselves the task of specifically designing products to expand our product line consistently with the spirit of the times.

Openness and transparency are characteristics of the vegan lifestyle. We are making it easier for our customers and cooperation partners to make important decisions on the path to their own developments by including detailed material information related to veganism in our product data sheets.
Our short decision-making paths and open communication structure ensure that we can also meet the demands of the market on the topic of veganism in an organizationally flexible, fast and competent manner. Just like Rhenoflex, you might say!

What does VEGAN mean for Rhenoflex?
- No animal substances
- Raw materials on vegetable, recycled or petrochemical basis

Please note that vegan materials do not equate to environmental friendliness.

Here are some of our vegan products.

Polyflex I V 35 P
Toe puff
Thickness: 0.6 - 0.7 mm
Material Hardness: soft
Adhesive: un-coated / without adhesive
Ediflex V 05
Toe puff
Thickness: 0.38 - 0.43 mm
Material Hardness: soft
Adhesive: un-coated / without adhesive
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