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Sustainable Performance Report 2021
Our key goal: climate neutrality by 2030

Conserving resources and making processes as economical as possible have been key issues at Rhenoflex for many years. Now, we have published our first Sustainable Performance Report. In this 55-page report, we show what we have already achieved in terms of sustainability and responsibility in recent years and what we still plan to accomplish. In an interview, CEO Frank Böttcher and CTO Dr. Gunter Scharfenberger also explain how Rhenoflex intends to achieve its ambitious climate targets, what the company's pioneering role in sustainability is based on, and what this commitment means for our customers.
The innovative RhenoprintTM process makes Rhenoflex both the technology leader and the company that has been setting the industry standard for sustainability since the mid-1980s. This new technology helps us produce reinforcement materials not only with significantly less energy and CO2 emissions, but also without chemicals, solvents, process water or waste.
Our most important goal is to operate in a completely climate-neutral manner by 2030. In addition, two-thirds of our raw materials are to come from sustainable sources by 2025. Moreover, we aim to expand our principle of zero waste even further. Each of these goals underscores our commitment to being the most sustainable company in our industry. We have the technological expertise, the innovative drive and the clear concept necessary to achieve them. Within the company, we have already launched numerous projects aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and at creating a culture of sustainability across the entire group.
By joining the United Nations Global Compact in the spring of 2021, Rhenoflex has reaffirmed its commitment to always live up to its responsibility towards people and the environment. At the same time, we are aware that there is much more that we can accomplish in the field of sustainability.

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