Shoe Engineer
The Shoe Engineer is the next revolution from Rhenoflex.

With the help of our smart website, it will be even easier for our customers to find individually suitable products in the future.

Rhenoflex takes the needs of its customers seriously. And since our extensive portfolio can seem complex at first glance, we have now developed a suitable solution: the Rhenoflex Shoe Engineer.

Using our smart tool (, you as a customer can now find the right product for you in the shortest possible time with your personal login. Naturally, we designed the tool in such a way that it is also comfortably usable via smartphone. Simply type the link into your browser and get started.
In the digital product catalog, you will find quick and easy access to the products you need through smart filters and search functions. Detailed product information is also provided there, e.g. on the sustainability factor of individual products, the composition of the materials and technical specifications. Everything is easy to understand and requires no prior knowledge to use.
Another advantage: New product innovations are regularly added to the digital database, so the product catalog always offers a look at Rhenoflex's latest product portfolio.
You also have the option to switch from Shoe Engineer to a personal consultation with a direct contact person at any time.
Innovative, simple and time-saving: the Rhenoflex Shoe Engineer.

Valerie Böckler
Application Engineering Manager
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