Rx 35 from Rhenoflex
One of the most innovative bio-based materials of the year

The thermoplastic material Rx 35 from Rhenoflex, 35 per cent of which is composed of rice husk filler, made it to the Top 6 in the Innovation Award 2018 Bio-based Material of the Year. This achievement highlights the company's ambition to consistently cultivate sustainability and innovative power.

Rhenoflex Rx 35 is a biodegradable, partly bio-based thermoplastic sheet material, 35 per cent of which is composed of rice husk filler. One side has smooth leather-like haptics and is mainly used in the visual area of end products.The other is laminated with a fine mesh, which offers high strength and elasticity.

The material is solvent-free and fully recyclable. Its unique properties enable heating up to 90 °C, which considerably facilitates subsequent processing. It is mainly used in the handicrafts and fashion accessories, toy manufacturing, model making and theatre sectors. It thus impresses with its unique versatility.

The prestigious innovation award, "Bio-based Material of the Year" is being awarded to the chemical and materials industry for the eleventh time in a row. It pays tribute to innovative applications and markets for bio-based products.

Rhenoflex is the world's leading solution provider of reinforcement materials in the shoe and lifestyle market.

Julia Rosinow
Communication Manager
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