Our Rhenoprint™ products are changing the way product designers look at reinforcement materials for footwear.

The unique Rhenoprint™ process enables us to respond to customer-specific requirements and manufacture tailor-made products. Regardless of shape, thickness or degree of hardness, virtually any parameter can be varied individually. Unlike the conventional process, customers are not provided with sheet stock which then has to be punched out and trimmed. With the Rhenoprint™ process, the reinforcing materials are custom-made in our production facility and delivered ready for use. In practice, this works quite simply: The customer provides their individual cap shape and specification values, and Rhenoflex produces, able to realize almost any shape.

The process uses the highest quality powders that meet the strictest quality standards. The Rhenoprint™ process also eliminates the need for any die-cutting or trimming, resulting in no waste. In addition, it requires approximately 30% less material than sheet stock.

This gives our partners an infinite variation of sustainable reinforcement materials for their products, which can be optimally integrated into existing production processes.

The innovative production process can now be experienced live at our Technology and Competence Center Asia (TCCA) at the Vietnam site.

Possible thickness:
Toe Box 0.4 - 2.2 mm
Heel Counter 0.7 - 2.2 mm

Valerie Böckler
Application Engineering Manager
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