Rhenoflex turns 70
Rhenoflex looks back on its rich 70-year history.

Ever since it was founded in 1952, Rhenoflex has been constantly evolving. But one thing has stayed the same – the company’s pioneering spirit and the drive to develop innovations. And thanks to this DNA, Rhenoflex has established itself as the market leader for reinforcement solutions in the footwear and lifestyle sector. Today, Rhenoflex operates seven sites worldwide and employs around 300 people.
Rhenoflex is committed not only to developing high-quality and technology-driven customer solutions but, above all, also to operating sustainably. At one time, all of the reinforcement materials developed by Rhenoflex were oil-based; today, however, over 350 products in the company’s product portfolio contain sustainable raw materials.

And in a market that is traditionally defined by material-intensive production methods, Rhenoflex developed a manufacturing process for shoe-reinforcement materials back in 1984 that is virtually waste-free and ready-to-use. Rhenoprint™ revolutionised the industry at the time of its launch and remains state of the art with the next RhenoprintTM generation called Multizone.

And although Rhenoflex consistently looks towards the future in order to develop the product and process solutions of tomorrow today, it is the past that has shaped Rhenoflex, and which guides the company’s further development. That is because a future needs a past.

To celebrate this special anniversary year, Rhenoflex has published its new film, “70 years of Rhenoflex – Shaping your performance since 1952"

Julia Rosinow
Communication Manager
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