Expansion of production sites
Innovation, passion, quality and dynamism - true to these key words of our company philisophy, Rhenoflex is breaking new ground.

Since 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic has not only seriously changed our daily lives, but also challenged long-established procedures. Rhenoflex is facing the challenges brought by this turbulence with our familiar foresight and thoughtfulness and planning an additional production site outside China.

We are constantly looking for innovative and sustainable solutions, both in our products and in the strategic development of our company.

Based on the lessons learned from the Covid 19 pandemic and the current geopolitical situation, we will take measures to secure our supply chain and expand our production sites as well as increase our stock capacity. This will enable us to adapt even more flexibly to market developments, continue to meet our obligations to partners and customers, and ensure our growth.

Reliability is a top priority for Rhenoflex. Through the strategic decision to expand our production sites and secure our supply chain, we are ensuring that in the face of turbulent times we will continue to guarantee this reliability in the future.

Julia Rosinow
Communication Manager
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