Rhenoflex France
Growing together through a partnership with Atelier Durand

With more than 20 years of experience and knowledge, Rhenoflex France is a centre of excellence in the service of luxury leather goods. Strong partnerships are at the heart of our business. One such collaboration is our partnership with Atelier Durand for Rhenoflex France, that has now made it possible to build a second production hall on-site. This means further growth for our successful Business Line Lifestyle.

As a technology leader in the field of reinforcing materials, we at Rhenoflex are proud to hold partnerships with the greatest [luxury] brands for more than two decades. Specialized production units leave our worldwide facilities in order to serve them to our clients on a daily basis. The motivation behind our passion for quality, innovation, and dynamics is the desire to achieve the best results for our customers. And those who compete with such high-quality standards need strong partners.

Rhenoflex is lucky to be able to rely on such a partner in France. Based in Saint Macaire Sevremoine, the company Atelier Durand has been a strong ally to the international shoe industry for over 25 years. The entire team at Atelier Durand has many years of experience, and the company is the perfect partner for the shoe and lifestyle industries. The services with which Atelier Durand supports Rhenoflex France include the production of pre-products from our raw and sheet materials, punching and sharpening, as well as product finishing.

The result is highly productive partnership, which has now enabled us to realize the construction of a new production hall. In addition to our current building, this extensification helps us to increase the production volume. With the additional space and the extended production facilities, our innovation-oriented Business Line Lifestyle is experiencing further growth.
We want to thank Atelier Durand for the efficient, reliable, and successful cooperation and look forward to the next joint steps at a now even stronger location.

Julia Rosinow
Communication Manager
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