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Report on Rhenoflex in “Wir.Hier.”

Rhenoflex is a technology leader in the field of high-performance reinforcing materials and a frequent topic of exchange not only within the industry. True pioneers create an awareness for creative solutions even beyond industry boundaries. "Wir.Hier.", the newspaper for chemical companies in Rhineland-Palatinate, took a closer look at how Rhenoflex realizes this approach.

"Wherever special performance in shoes is required, you will find a Rhenoflex component," CEO Frank Böttcher tells the journalist of "Wir.Hier." in a conversation on-site. Eight times a year, the regional newspaper for chemical companies in Rhineland-Palatinate takes a close look at various topics within the industry.

The 05/2019 issue presents future-oriented and generation-spanning developments and is entitled with "Emerging scientists". In this context, Rhenoflex, being the technology leader in reinforcing materials and pioneer in sustainability was allowed to present its own forward-looking approach.

Frank Böttcher emphasizes in an exclusive article why Rhenoflex is preferred even when a customer is not aware of the reinforcing components: "Our product has a decisive influence on the performance of the entire shoe." In this way, customers' demands for comfortable and high-performance shoes are met by using the latest technologies.

And since environmental awareness is playing an important part on the threshold to the next decade, Rhenoflex has long been a pioneer on the road to the future with its innovative Rhenoprint process. The team from "Wir.Hier." was able to see this for themselves and recognized the Rhenoprint process as one "that has already been adapted to customer requirements during production. Without any waste in the shoe factories, while conserving resources."

We would like to thank Robyn Schmidt and the employers' association Chemie Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. for the report! The whole story is accessible online at:

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