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Vegan product lines at Rhenoflex

Pioneers are breaking new ground and actively shape realities. Rhenoflex takes these tasks seriously with an evident holistic approach. In the same way, we do not see veganism as a trend. It is a future-oriented concept of life. We are now implementing this approach in the classification and expansion of our product lines.

The development of vegan product ranges in all sectors is evidence of a leap in human awareness. Fifteen years ago, there were few possibilities to live a vegan life. Today, this sustainable lifestyle is considered a signpost for the future. The shoe industry is responding to this trend with an increasing number of offers for vegan shoes. As the world's leading solution provider for reinforcing materials, Rhenoflex supports this trend. To establish an intrinsic awareness for evolving trends like veganism is part of our holistic approach.

Plastics require special attention along this path. Where have additives, softeners, or detergents been used that contradict a vegan lifestyle? We asked these questions openly and attentively in conversations with suppliers and pre-producers. The results: we have been able to classify a whole range of Rhenoflex products as vegan internally. In addition, the specialists in the production and development department have made it their task to design targeted products in order to expand our product range in line with the spirit of the times.

Openness and transparency are hallmarks of a vegan lifestyle. Extending our product data sheets with clear information helps our customers and cooperation partners in making important decisions on the way to their own developments.With an open communication structure, we at Rhenoflex make sure to meet the demands of the market flexibly and competently, especially with regard to veganism. In other words: steady progress remains our standard.

Julia Rosinow
Communication Manager
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