Innovation, Sustainability
The next generation of reinforcement solutions has been created: Multizone – the perfect evolution of our innovative Rhenoprint process.

A particular highlight: The hardness zones of a cap can be determined individually. The reinforcement material is hard where it should provide support and soft in places that should be comfortable. This not only increases the performance and comfort of the shoe, but also makes it easy to individually realize new ideas, shapes and designs. Another advantage for you: no changes are necessary in your production process.

Rhenoflex thinks in terms of sustainability. Accordingly, additional material is only used where reinforcement is needed, leading to a weight reduction in the shoe and thus also a lower environmental impact. The fully automated production process is based on our sustainable, environmentally friendly and customizable Rhenoprint technology. Just a single process step is required during production and there is no material waste whatsoever.

Valerie Böckler
Application Engineering Manager
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