Joint Venture in Mexiko
A new level of partnership!

Shoemat has been the Mexican distribution partner of Rhenoflex since 2017. Over the years, the successful relationship has developed into a close partnership based on trust, which was taken to a new level with the signing of a joint venture agreement on 01 April 2022 in León, Mexico. The resulting new company Rhenoflex Shoemat SRL will be incorporated in a matter of days.

Both parties bring specific expertise into the partnership. Rhenoflex will be supplying the technology and the associated Rhenoprint™ machinery, while Shoemat will contribute leading market knowledge as well as provide administrative support.
The newly founded joint venture is currently limited to Rhenoprint™ production. The distribution of the sheet material as well as the ACS service will continue to be managed by Shoemat as agents.
Speaking about the next steps of the partnership, project manager Marco de Gier, global director marketing & sales footwear, says, “Two new Rhenoprint™ machines are awaiting shipment in our warehouse in China and will be on their way to Mexico as soon as possible. We will be recruiting and training several new employees locally before the start of production in July 2022 and will also be holding initial workshops on the use of the machinery. We are certain that in Shoemat we have found the right partner to have at our side. This joint venture represents a new, vital milestone in the further development of Rhenoflex.”

Julia Rosinow
Communication Manager
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