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Rhenoflex at the Shoes & Leather Guangzhou

Visitors from all over the world gathered in the Chinese city of Guangzhou at the end of May to examine the latest trends in the industry at the Shoes & Leather trade fair. The Rhenoflex Business Line Shoes and the Business Line Lifestyle fueled engaging conversations at the Rhenoflex stand - and they were just two of many great topics that excited the visitors.

What does it mean when you're always trying to be one step ahead in a world that's fast-paced anyway? Rhenoflex displayed their very own approach in meeting the demands of progress from 29 to 31 May 2019 at the Shoes & Leather in Guangzhou, one of the largest international trade fairs for shoes and leather goods in Asia.

In the 21st century, progress and the spirit of innovation are primarily linked to one single concept: Sustainability. With the presence at the Shoes & Leather trade fair in Guangzhou, Rhenoflex showed how closely this value is linked to their own corporate principles.

This year, more than 800 exhibitors and around 30,000 trade visitors from all over the world came together to bring exchange about the industry's next steps to life. Rhenoflex did this by showing the company’s typical awareness of the future. While Rhenoflex plays a significant role in shaping the progress of the industry with their products, they want to leave as narrow a footprint as possible when it comes to the environment.

A responsibility that they, as true pioneers, are implementing with the innovative Rhenoprint process. During the fair, visitors to the stand experienced how the process and it's zero-waste production make it possible to meet the most specific requirements without involving any punching or sharpening. Further aspects of the trade fair presence and suggestions for discussions that call for a follow-up: the Green Line series, the Rhenoflex Business Line Shoes and the Business Line Lifestyle. It is impossible to mention all the main topics on which the Rhenoflex team was able to exchange information with visitors from all over the world.

But we do want to mention the fact that for Rhenoflex the days in Asia have even exceeded the success of the previous year. We would, therefore, like to express our sincere thanks to the Rhenoflex team on site and to everyone who made it possible for us to participate successfully in this highly promising trade fair!

Julia Rosinow
Communication Manager
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