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Benvenuti in Italia
Rhenoflex founded Rhenoflex Italia s.r.l in Milan

Rhenoflex was always and everywhere next to its customers. We are proud that the worldwide RX network will be further expanded and that Rhenoflex Italia S.r.l. will operate in the Italian fashion capital Milan from August 2020. The company is managed by Guido Rimini as Sales and Marketing Director. We are delighted to welcome this internationally experienced sales and marketing strategist on board

Bottega Veneta, Bruno Magli, Armani, Gucci are just some of the many Italian brands that are known worldwide. Therefore it is obvious that Rhenoflex has decided to invest in Italy to be closer to the customer and to ensure a constant dialogue with the aim of giving impulses for sustainable innovations.

Guido Rimini, who has many years of international experience in the conception, implementation and management of sales and marketing strategies in the B2B sector in the footwear, apparel and textile industry, will realign the existing sales structures for the Italian market and intensify the cooperation with customers in all areas.

"We wish Guido a good start! In the development of the Italian market, the existing supply chain networks in Europe (Germany and France) will be taken into account and expanded - the aim is to establish an efficient supply of customers locally in Italy, quickly, reliably and with the highest quality", explain Marco de Gier, Director Marketing & Sales Business Line Shoe Global and Robert Grüneberg, Director Marketing & Sales Business Line Lifestyle.

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